Fashion Flashback: Unforgettable Arab Stars’ Looks Through The Ages

You know when you’re thinking of someone famous and the one thing that immediately comes to mind is their iconic look in a film or play or tv show? Many stars across Egypt have graced us with unforgettable looks, ones that we at times remember more than the performance they starred in. So we are traveling across the eras in celebration of some of the most memorable looks of Egypt’s biggest stars.

Leila Mourad’s Iconic Wedding Dress In Habib El Roh

Back in time during the golden age of cinema, there was a term called box office star. The Hollywood term refers to the kind of star that fans actively put an effort to watch every one of their films when they get screened in cinemas. Leila Mourad was known as one of Egypt’s first-ever box office stars, a major superstar who rose to fame during her role in Long Live Love (1938). She is literal beauty and grace and that is why her most iconic look pays homage to those qualities. During one of her greatest roles in “Habib El Roh” where she starred alongside her ex-husband Anwar Wagdy, we see Mourad looking exquisite in a beautiful white wedding dress. This was not any type of dress as it was specially tailored for her by no one else other than the great fashion house Chanel.

Hind Rostom’s Famous Galabiya In Bab El Hadid

Known for her spellbinding golden hair and her roles as a sultry seductress, Rostom quickly rose to fame as one of Egypt’s best-known actresses. She won popular acclaim for her 1958 film “Bab El Hadid” (Cairo Station); probably one of the most important films in cinematic history that dove into the city’s underclass and how they struggled to survive. Beyond her addictive persona on the screen was her even more eye-grabbing ensemble in the film, the iconic galabiya. The film was sprawled with many iconic scenes but nothing could beat when Rostom appear on the screen donning the galabiya. At one point, her look became even more famous than the film itself as it exemplified and honed in on her popular seductress role.


Sabah’s Voluminous Dress In Shariaa Hob

The biggest music diva across the Arab world who brought us timeless classics like “Saat Saat” and “Zay El Asal” is known to everyone as Sabah. Beyond her music, Sabah was distinguished for her timely elegance which was apparent through her looks and dresses as she loved fashion and had a fine and distinctive taste. Her most iconic look so far was the massive white dress she wore in the film “Love Street” (1959) and it was the dress in which she sang the song “No” with Abdel Halim Hafez. Boasting an elegant design, it was equipped with a long silk chiffon shawl, with which she wore a classic hairstyle and accessorized with a flower. To this day, Sabah’s dresses remain iconic with some offered in auctions for $100,000.

Soad Hosny’s Elegant Black Dress In Khaly Balak Min ZouZou

The Cinderella of Egyptian cinema, Soad Hosny, made heads turn during the 60s and 70s with her dynamic roles. Her legacy still shines through as she remains one of the most influential people in the Arab art world. Along with her impressive acting chops, Hosny was known to make waves with her iconic classy dresses in each of her roles. There is one dress that truly made its mark and remains iconic after all these years, the sexy black dress she belly danced in when starring in “Khaly Balik Min Zouzou”.

Via Masrawy

Sherihan’s Seabride Look In Aroos El Bahar

Known as the playful triple threat who not only graced the silver screen but brought her talents to the stage, Sherihan remains a household name in the world of Egyptian entertainment. With all that she accomplished, it is hard to imagine the star without remembering her contagious spirit throughout the long-running Ramadan shows known to everyone as “Fawazeer”. That is when she graced the stage with some of the most iconic looks imaginable. Our favorite and probably one of the most unforgettable was her 1001 Nights “The bride of the seas” look. Resembling an underwater queen, the star would always come on the stage with her wet hair look and her crown of starfish and seashells.

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Donia Samir Ghanem’s Galabiya In El Kebeer Awi

Slaying the 2000s era is the dynamic triple threat known as Donia Samir Ghanem. The star does it all, from being an impersonating goddess on SNL Arabia as well as the Bedazzled remake “Teer Ent” to making us swoon with her gorgeous voice. The widely acclaimed actress is also known to take on unique and out-of-the-box characters. To many audiences, the one that truly stands out is her role as El Kebeer’s wife Hadiya on the long-running popular TV show “El Kebeer Awi”. Making us crack up in every scene, she truly made the character her own. What also really stood out was her galabiya ensemble, from her black scarf to her bold eyes decorated with eyeliner. Seeing her in that getup always reminds us of the show and her role.

It is special when particular looks stand out to the point that they are remembered for decades. Each one holds a story and creates memories of nostalgia when they are seen once again on the screen.

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