Foreigners at Copenhagen Airport Unexpectedly Start Singing Dalida’s Helwa Ya Baladi

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You can complain all you want about the living situation in Egypt as much as you want, but when you’re on a plane, far away from your homeland, you feel nothing but utter homesickness. All you need is just a small reminder why Egypt is Om El Donya (mother of the world) and you’re bawling your eyes out.


Egyptian traveler, Rawi Rabbat, was in Copenhagen Airport, waiting for his EgyptAir flight to Cairo when suddenly everyone around him started singing Dalida’s hit, Helwa Ya Baladi. To say it was perfectly performed would be an understatement, considering that all the singers were foreigners. Rabbat mentioned in the comments section that they were perfectly conversing in Egyptian Arabic as well. How heartwarming is this video?



Copenhagen airport!

Posted by Rawi Rabbat on Saturday, March 25, 2017



WE SAID THIS: Ben7ebek ya baladi!