Bella Hadid Heads to Dubai for One of the Most Exciting Launches of the Season


Yes, you have read that right! American babe, Bella Hadid, is officially going to be the second Hadid sibling to visit Dubai as part of a promotional tour with an internationally renowned fashion brand. What is the brand, you ask. Well it’s none other than the international fashion house Dior.


Via Dior


The tour is to promote Dior’s latest international art exhibition titled “The Art of Color”. This exhibition showcases artworks created by Dior’s three principle make-up artists and contains their unique perspectives on the relationship between color, image composition, fashion, and beauty through a series of photographs.


Via Dior


Considering the fact that this exhibition has already taken the world’s fashion capitals by storm, it is no surprise that Dubai –home of the world’s largest everything- would be Dior’s next stop.


Bella will be joined on April 12th by Peter Phillips, Dior Makeup’s Creative Director to launch the exhibition in Dubai. The exhibition will end on April 23rd, and a book containing all the art works shown in the exhibition will be sold.



WE SAID THIS: YAAS KWEEN! Fashion and art lovers out there, rejoice!