What This Guy in the UAE Did to Get Deported Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself



While everyone is fishing for a chance to visit, work or live in the UAE, a young foreigner had another opinion. The 19-year-old man, who the Ajman police referred to as RB, has actually committed a misdemeanor in order to get deported back to his country.


The man vandalized the rear windows of the vehicles in the parking lot of the Ajman Police headquarters with rocks. A Kia Rio, Nissan Patrol, Lexus and a Chevy fell victims to his actions.




After he was caught red-handed, the man confessed to the police that he committed the crime because he wanted to get deported to his country, despite coming to the UAE a month earlier and working as an electrician in an electrical supplies company.




The fellow’s employer told the police that he was suffering from a mental disorder and didn’t show up for days. Eventually, the defendant was never deported, but was sent for an immediate psychiatric treatment.



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