Flip the Page: Here’s Why Reading Is The Medium With The Least Barriers!

Reading is one of the few activities that can help you imagine, think about, and visualize the story’s tone. It is a form of art that reaches out to both the spirit and the mind. But have you ever read a book and pictured the characters in a way that differed from the movie adaptation? This happens all the time, and we tend to overlook and not judge the book because of the various ideas and fantasies that it inspires.

However, movies convey a different meaning. Not to take away anything from movies, but they tend to involve a lot of different elements through the cinematography to set the mood and tone intended for the audience, allowing it to become an immersive experience. The director is the one who looks at the final project and decides whether or not the final product addresses their vision. Therefore, it is the vision of one person and it is what appears on the screen. On the contrary, books are intended for readers to create their own vision as they flip through the pages.

If you couple the experience of reading with listening to music, won’t that change the mood and tone of your read? Music has a variety of mental benefits, one of which is an increase in production and activity as well as the opening of doors for imagination. Movie scores do the same thing, but the director has the option of changing the artist who will be responsible for the scores. When reading a book, on the other hand, you can alter the mood and perception of it by listening to your favorite songs!

Thereby, books might help you picture the setting or events of a novel. They are also more thorough than movies, which frequently leave out vital aspects. In some movies, the characters are switched around since they are completely different in the novel. When we read a novel, we imagine the characters in a specific manner, but they don’t always seem that way in movies leading us to feel dissatisfied. As a result, books will never be able to express this sense of disappointment. That is why books are a one-of-a-kind type of art that can reach out to any reader on the planet, regardless of their expectations.

As we long and become lost in the emotions and feelings that those books express, this medium of art leaves us in amazement. It makes us feel more connected to the story since we become a part of it, without barriers.

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