Five Signs to Tell if He’s Into You


Do you always hangout together? Are you confused whether he likes or you’re just a close friend? Do you like him and want to make sure it’s mutual? If you want to know if a guy has feelings for you, we’re telling you to keep an eye out for those five signs to tell if he’s into you…

1. His Body Language 

The first thing you should pay attention to is his eyes and hands. If he constantly stares at your eyes and uses much eye contact then love is in the air! Eyes are different, it’s the one thing men can control. If you’re out and about with your friends and he makes eye contact with you more than anyone, then this should tell you a lot. He might want to get all touchy with you too.

2. Some Silliness Won’t Harm

It’s true that when you like someone, you tend to enjoy teasing them. The simple fact is that this can be their special way of flirting. Don’t get it wrong! It’s annoying yet utterly cute.

3. Quality Time Together 

Does he ditch his friends for you? Skips his favorite football match to hangout with you? Then he’s so into you! When you love someone, you want to be with them all day. Late night phone calls also means that he chooses you over sleep.

4. Extra Attention 

He might be trying so hard to achieve all your needs or take you out to all your favorite places. You will also find him extra interested in your hobbies and personal interests. It feels special when he goes shopping with you for hours or watches the latest Chanel fashion show with you. Appreciate that!

5. Being Super Friendly

This is one of the cutest signs. You can catch him chatting with your best friends and throwing jokes here and there. This means he’s trying hard to involve himself in your life so he can take a bigger part.