Five eSports to Anticipate in 2020

Although the betting fanbase for traditional sports such as tennis and football is still large, esports betting is growing by the day. The last couple of years has seen the industry rise to reaps and bounds, with the market expected to be over $30 billion worth. Despite this growth, many bettors still laugh at the idea that one could make some serious bucks from esports betting. 

Regardless, esports is here to stay with top players continuing to make fortunes you would expect to win after betting on the champions league. But just as sports fans have their favorite sports, esports fans have their favorite games too. 

Games developers, on the other hand, continue to introduce new games with improved graphics and better experiences. Therefore, you have access to a variety of options to choose from, depending on whether you like to wager on virtual cards or shooter games. Below we look at five esports games to anticipate in 2020 and the near future. 

Brawl Stars Championship

Via Brawl Stars

The game, which is developed by Clash of Clans and Clash Royale developers, Supercell, hit the global market in 2018. In 2019, there were several community tournaments in 2019, with the world finals being held in November. Esports charts showed that the event attained 93, 989 viewership with the finals attracting 28,694 viewers. 

What makes the game worth anticipating in 2020 is the Brawl Stars Championship to be held this year. You can participate in the championship’s monthly offline and online events from your favorite best casino in India as you await the World Finals to be held in the fall. The tournament attracts a grand prize of $1 million, with fans allowed to contribute to the growing prize pool by $500,000 through the purchase of in-game items. 

League of Legends

Developed by Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, MOBA, League of Legend has been around for years, and it’s not going anywhere soon. The developers have come up with a strategy of rewarding players who participate during major championships. With this scheme, you can enjoy extra features and cosmetics to use in your games as you watch the professionals play. Additionally, you have an opportunity to wager on:

  • The final results of the game
  • Number of kills each character is likely to get 
  • Which characters will continue or get banned during the game
  • Individual items in the game

Call of Duty

If you’re a new esports fan, then you’ll find First Person Shooters, FTS, games very friendly and the most simple to venture into the esports arena. These games are easy to follow, have precise tasks such as setting or diffusing a bomb, and the points are displayed. One such FTS game is the Call of Duty, CoD, which has established tournaments, leagues, and championships over the years. 

When betting on FTS games, you place your wager based on:

  • The player that will gain more kills, and
  • The team that will win 

You can also place side bets on things like significant events, which takes only 10 minutes to give an outcome. 

Fortnite World Cup

This is among the most popular esports games in the world today. The tournaments, which had a grand prize of $100 million, were held in 2019. The fanbase is now looking forward to the WorldCup championship, which will be held this year. Although the final dates and the prize are yet to be communicated, you should expect that this esports from Epic Developers will have one of the biggest prize pools to bet on. 


Hearthstone is similar to Magic: The Gathering but in its video format. Many Magic players who transition to Hearthstone do exemplary well like they’ve been playing the video game forever. In 2020, this game will attract gamblers who watch and place their bets on tournaments such as World Series of Poker. The game is ideal in that it’s exhilarating to watch and easy for new fans to join, in addition to giving long-term players something new to look forward to. 

Bottom Line

Of course, there’re many more new esports games to look forward to in 2020 and the future. You should also expect more esports event to be held this year, probably more than you saw last year. Whether you’re a gamer or love watching esports, be ready to have something to keep you entertained every weekend throughout the year!

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