Five Egyptian Travel Accounts You Should Check Out

Travelers love sharing their travel stories that are often filled with adrenaline, laughter, and most importantly, life lessons that you won’t learn elsewhere. So just in case, you’re a traveler or a person who’d like to be one, this article is for you.

We’re bringing you five travel-related Instagram accounts that will leave you with the feelings of wanderlust.

WARNING, you might end up at the airport after this!


Amira Ihab, Traveler and Admin of 196 Stamps account, surely knows how to document moments in a way that can teleport you to somewhere else. Her choice of pictures is so vivid you’d feel like they were taken from somewhere out of this world.




If you want someone to drop some hints on what you should be expecting before traveling somewhere, Roudaina Amr is a pro at capturing culture through her travel photography. The portraits, the landscapes, and the special moments she captures will make you feel as if the photos will start speaking for themselves.


souls of peru

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take me for a ride

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This is where Malak El-Husseiny; the angelic voice behind Alters, Former X-Factor Arabia Competitor, and Founder of White Noise, shares her adventurous side with her beloved fans. Malak’s always on the move, always on an adventure. Yet, her travel photos emit relaxing peaceful vibes that can trigger your urge to explore.

little details and inspiration en route

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it's always liberating to flirt around with life...on top of a mountain ⛰

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Around Egypt in 60 Days is a noble attempt by Omar Attia and his wife Dalia El Debaiky to promote our beloved country through documenting their 60-day trip around Egypt. Their main aim is to show everyone the beauty of Egypt and its hidden gems. The couple linked all their special occasions with touristic venues; they threw their engagement party by the Nile, their “katb el-ketab” at Mohamed Ali’s mosque and the wedding was at Mohamed Ali’s Palace. Aren’t they the coolest couple?


Day 4: Retrieving nostalgic memories from our Islamic contract ceremony at the beautiful Muhammad Ali Mosque inside the Citadel of Salah El Din, Dalia and I decided to roam the entirety of this architectural masterpiece for 2 hours of this packed touristic day! . Stay tuned for our book laying out photos and stories of the Citadel's mosques, its famed prisons, the Royal Carriage Museum, the Military Museum, the stunning Gawhara Palace, the first cannon announcing Ramadan's Iftar, et al... as we take you by the hand through a captivating time machine 🙂 . اليوم ال٤: في محاولة استرجاعنا لذكريات كتب كتابنا في مسجد محمد علي داخل قلعة صلاح الدين، داليا و أنا قررنا إننا نطوف حولين التحفة المعمارية دي لمدة ساعتين من يومنا المليان بمزارات سياحية! . خلليكوا متابعين كتابنا اللي حيفرجكوا على صور و حيحكيلكوا قصص عن مساجد القلعة و سجونه الشهيرة و متحف المركبات الملكية و المتحف الحربي و قصر الجوهرة و أول مدفع إفطار رمضان و أماكن تانية كتيرة و احنا ماشيين معاكوا في آلة زمن رائعة 🙂 . Photography Courtesy of @hussein_abdelkader_studios . #egypt #travel #travelling #tourism #tourist #book #travelgram #bookgram #travelphotography #lonelyplanet #tripadvisor #thisisegypt #egyptshots #vsco #vscoegypt #cairo #mosque #citadel #wedding #photography #photo #photographer #photooftheday #pic #picoftheday #instagram #instadaily #instagood #discoveregyptwithdaliaandomar #aroundegyptin60days

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Last but not least, Hezaha w Safer is the cherry on top of this article. This a journey around the world presented by Yara Yehia and her power team. That Egyptian travel Youtube channel will provide you with all the must-do’s, tips, and details you need to know about any country you wish to visit.

Get over your fears 🙈🙈

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WE SAID THIS: Make sure you remember these accounts and use them as a reference before traveling! 

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