Entertain Your Commute With These Five Ramadan Radio Shows

With the holy month of Ramadan kicking into full gear, that means food, family, festive music decorations, the super bowl of shows and… more food. But one thing that’s already on our radar, especially this Ramadan, are the radio shows.

The perfect Ramadan-themed entertainment to keep you company on your commute or as you count down the minutes to iftar time. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the radio shows that will be performed by some of Egypt’s leading actors. Though much isn’t still revealed about their plot details, we can see a promising line-up.

Ahlam Sharazad – Yehia El Fakharany

Though Icon Egyptian actor, Yehia El Fakharany won’t be gracing our screens this year with a Ramadan show, you can catch him on the radio with Ahlam Sharazad.

Ahlam Sharazad is a retelling of the One Thousand and One Nights and it co-stars actress, Hanan Moutawe who not only has one but two Ramadan shows that you can watch this season, staring in Khaled Youssef’s Sero El Batea and Wueud Sakhia (Sakhia’s Promises).

Be sure to listen to Ahlam Sharazad for that fantastical fix paired with an opening song by none-other-than Samira Saeed. It will be aired on Radio 9090 at 2:20 pm.

Matloob Arees – Ahmed Helmy & Hana El Zahed

For that light romantic comedy dose, look no further than Matloob Arees or On The Hunt For A Groom. Starring Ahmed Helmy and Hana El Zahed, the pair tackle funny scenarios encountered in relationships.

This is their second radio collaboration following El Esma Fe Edi last year in addition to the play in Riyadh, Memo.

You can give Matloob Arees a listen on Radio Nile at 4 pm.

Red Card – Rana Raeis & Amr Wahba

Though not much is revealed yet about the plot, Red Card starring Rana Raeis and Amr Wahba will be taking listeners on a bumpy journey of hilarious family dynamics, listen to the pair on Radio 9090 at 3:20 pm.

Etrafaat Khokah – Nelly Kareem & Mohamed Farrag

Etrafaat Khokah or Khokah’s Confessions brings us Nelly Kareem in a comedy light to balance out the tragic character she’s playing in Omla Nadra on television, the show co-stars Mohamed Farrag. This is their second collaboration following the tv show Ded El Kasr where he played her husband. Tune in to the fun duo on Nogoum FM at 5:15 pm.

Salah El Telmeez – Akram Hosny

A play on the famous study guide, Selah El Telmeez, Akram Hosny is back this year with the radio show, Salah El Telmeez. The funny show co-stars Sherry Adel, Ibrahim Samir and Mostafa Ghareeb. Though Hosny hasn’t announced a tv show for this Ramadan, you can catch him on Radio Nile at 5pm.

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Let us know in the comments, which show you’re looking forward to listening to.

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