This Fit & Fix Ad About Egypt’s Road Accidents Will Punch You Right Through the Heart

Every summer our feeds are bombarded with appalling photos of car crashes and news about friends and family members losing their lives on the road.

Thankfully, someone has decided to do something about it! The car tire service and maintenance giants Fit & Fix came up with a brilliant idea that will punch you right through the heart, which is, you simply might not be around to tell your side of the story. The campaign aims to raise awareness on the subject of car accidents and to help educate people on its importance, and how thousands of them can easily be avoided and many lives can be saved. It is important for many of these people to understand that having someone similar to a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer on their side in the case of a car accident can be helpful when deciding how to legally proceed forward.

Road accidents are no strangers to Egypt, and it’s very saddening. A large percentage of these accidents are a direct result of the lack of regular tire maintenance and inspections, not only is it horrifying, but it’s absolutely unnecessary, especially when all that was needed to happen is for everyone to have their regular checkups on their tires and work on their maintenance skills. With all this being said, car accidents don’t just happen in Egypt. They can occur anywhere in the world. From work related car accidents and cyclist accidents to collisions, unfortunately accidents happen too often.

This campaign comes as part of their CSR activities, and more videos will be followed that will aim to spread awareness regarding the subject. Great job guys!

WE SAID THIS: Fit & Fix is a premium tire service center and retailer established in Egypt in 2002 to promote and ensure the safety and convenience of Egypt’s driving public as well as to offer drivers choices in terms of services, tires and automotive accessories.

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