Abdullah Hammoud Becomes First Arab-American and Muslim Mayor in the US

For the first time in history, Dearborn, Michigan elected its first Arab-American and Muslim mayor, Abdullah Hammoud. His parents were Lebanese immigrants who settled in Dearborn, and according to The Associated Press, Dearborn is a city with a population of 100,000, and has one of the USA’s largest Arab-American populations.

Based on Tuesday’s results, he defeated his opponent, Gary Woronchak, 54.8 percent to 45.2 percent.

Dearborn faced a lot of racial pushback in the past, as segregationists attempted to prevent black families from migrating into white areas and communities in the city.

Hammoud, on the other hand, claimed that being able to give back to the town that provided him and his parents a place to call home was one of the biggest honors of his life.

He began his speech by paying tribute to members of the community who are regularly subjected to racial and ethnic harassment, and stated that those who have felt unwelcome as well as those who have been humiliated due to their broken English and have persevered in the face of adversity prove that they are as American as everyone else.

When Hammoud sent out his first campaign mailer, he received a note from someone saying, “No more Arab-Americans. There will be no more Muslims. Return to your homeland.”

In the beginning of his campaign, Hammoud thought it would be easier if he ran under a different moniker. Despite this, he believes that the name “Abdullah” is as American as any other name. This would set an example for others to get involved in the community and run for comparable positions without fear of being due to their racist abuse and harassment that exists across the USA, and particularly in Dearborn, Michigan.

According to a press release from Hammoud, his campaign brought the city of Dearborn together around innovative solutions that would further benefit the community.

Hammoud is encouraging generations of Arab-Americans to run for government positions and fight for what is right within their communities. The ethnicity or religion of an individual does not under any circumstances call for racial abuse and harassment.

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