Finding the One: Qualities You Need to Find in a Voice-Over Artist if You’re Looking

During the last few years, there has been substantial growth in the voice-over industry. With the advent of technology, brands or individuals are looking for voice-over actors to advertise their service/product through ads, online videos, movies, audio-guides etc. 

As a great voice lets everyone have a good effect through their way of expression, the right accent, tone, it can express the key message quite effectively which can cost you some dollars. Even if you don’t have the budget, you can still choose a cheap voice-over actor by making sure they have the qualities listed below.


When you pick a voice-over artist, keep in mind that the idea of your content should be delivered clearly to the target public. Plus, you would definitely want to grow your brand outside the borders and limitations so it is important to check the voice’s quality, clarity and diversity. 

Various recordings may involve personalities of different voices. So working with someone who possesses a diverse range of voice strengths is advisable. The good voice-over actors may cost a bit but you should not risk the quality for the cheap voice over.  Hence, versatility is a must check.


New voice-over artists may demand cheaper rates but in the longer term, more qualified vocal talent will be cost-effective. The cheap voice over services are because usually there is less experience and fewer chances for quality adjustments. On the contrary, the professional voice-over performers with practical experience are perfectly aware of your requirements and specific goals. They know, for example, that you are trying to illustrate the main takeaways instead of just advertising an item or brand, and so is the scenario with voice over actors who are skilled in marketing and advertising.


You will need to assess their dedication to the task before assigning them a project. The voice-over artist needs to be able to dedicate ample time and effort to your project. The artists you will hire will not be focused on developing the particular online training programs, like creating the design of the instructional video or studying the source material but they still have a very significant part to play. 

They are the voice of the experiences you want to give to your audience through the content. Their performance will decide that the online audiences connect to the voices automatically when they have a good quality, appealing voiceover that has a touch of individuality. These elements will create a depth in your content.


Your audiences will not be watching the video unless it is interesting enough to catch and hold their attention. Hence, enunciation is vital. It is deemed as a key factor because it can enhance the project’s quality or smash it. A good voice-over artist must have excellent enunciation abilities. If the enunciation is bad, then the reputation of the brand and the organisation carrying the message will be at risk.

Pace of Voice

An artist can add the desired charisma into the overall presentation by using the perfect tempo in the voice-overs. Search for the right pacing and tempo, when choosing a skilled voice artist for your project. The period allowed for the lines of an artist is not much so they must consider how to speed themselves. He or she  should not sound nervous or overwhelmed.


A special skill that your voice artist must have is the fluency in the target language. It is known as articulation which is a standard of any speech and it should not be disregarded. You have to get your voice back to its natural tone after all. Articulation is the outcome of a fluent speaker of any common language. The experts will refine the scripts and provide a nice and clear voice for the words. Fluency is essential to maintain the audience’s attention. 

Work Ethic

Under certain instances, the voice-over actor may need to work for a prolonged period of time. It might be an independent task or a group effort. so the work ethic should be considered as they might have to cooperate with your team. This is why their work ethic is essential and you can test it through several ways like they will have to record different courses, scenarios, videos, and workshops online as an example. This includes several recording sessions during the entire process of content creation. It is always better to take the necessary steps than to get into trouble. 

Even some of the most talented voice-over artists sometimes need to revise the vocal content if they mispronounce a keyword, convey it wrong or alter a part of their audio recording. the artists will be asked to re-record the audio when the target is somehow missed. So before hiring anyone, asking for their flexibility is quite reasonable.

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