11 Filipino Restaurants in the UAE That’ll Make You Forget About Your Diet Plan

Filipino food truly offers something for everyone. You can enjoy crunchy lumpia, hearty lechon, sweet banana turon, and freshly prepared fish all in the same meal — and often on the same plate. There are ube-laced sweets and morning diners that showcase the Filipino love of the fried egg. From high-minded modern Filipino restaurants to tiny takeaway spots, these are the best places to enjoy an authentic Filipino experience in the UAE.



Can we talk about Resto Pinoy’s delicious breakfasts? 


Via Pinoy


Filipino breakfasts usually consist of garlic fried rice, fried eggs and your choice of meat.



How glorious does this bangus sisig from Ortego’s Deli look like? 


Via Ortego’s Deli


Bangus sisig is basically sautéed crispy marinated bangus fish with caramelized red onions. Yum!



You need to devour Philippine Hut’s pancit (noodles)!


Via Food Network


Filipino noodles will ruin other noodles for you, forever.



Let Kuya Juan feed you some of his adobo


Via Tumblr


Kuya in Tagalog means brother. It’s also something you say to an older man that you respect. But let’s not delve into that, and talk about how delicious this adobo looks like?



 OFM’s lumpia sariwa will make you believe in life after love


Via Pinoya


Sariwa is basically an unfried spring roll with Filipino spices. Yes, you need to try it now.



Fried fish from Rice Overdose like you’ve never had it before 


Via Rice Overdose


Frying fish may be popular in the Middle East, but its Filipino counterpart is something else entirely. Think spicy and lots of flavors that will leave your taste buds foodgasming.



There are feasts, and there are Filipino feasts: they’re called boodle fights, and you can have them at the Filipino Kitchen


Via Tumblr


Think of most Filipino dishes you know, well, it’s that and more.



Manila Grill is when you want to have Filipino food and feel classy AF 


Via Manila Grill


This new Filipino fine dining restaurant from Asiana Hotel also serves popular Filipino dishes with pork.



How about some squid adobo from Carinderia ni Tandang Sora? Yes please!


Via Ang Sarap


All you need is some rice, and you’re good to go.




Jollibee is basically the Philippines’ McDonald’s, and just like McDonald’s it’s very freakin’ good! Make sure to have some Filipino spaghetti 


Via JolliBee


We’re so happy we have branches of you all over the city.



Bring a friend or two and share this generous serving of the delicious and healthy Bulalo at Max’s 


Via Max’s


Again, another popular chain restaurant from the Philippines makes it to Dubai, and we are so happy.



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