Abla Fahita Flirts with Dhafer L’Abidine in a Controversial Post

Via Abla Fahita


October, as we suspected, seems like official Thirst Month for Egyptians. Everyone’s favorite puppet, Abla Fahita, is currently causing everyone to lose it with her latest post.


The post reads: Complete the sentence — I want Dhafer to…


Abla Fahita can be seen resting on Tunisian actor Dhafer L’Abidine’s lap with them both looking all cozy and cute. Nope, that’s not the reason why everyone is going fifty shades of loco on the Internet. The puppet’s caption is what caused the controversy.


The post reads: You and your dirty ways should die.


Social media users took to Facebook to attack Abla Fahita, calling her inappropriate and such.


The post reads: Dhafer should kills you so we don’t have to be exposed to your dirty ways anymore.


Earlier this month, Abla Fahita flirted with Egyptian actor Asser Yassin on Twitter, and everyone was there for it — and absolutely loved it. Social media, indeed, is a double-edged sword.



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