F2: Temraza’s New Sportswear Line Hits the Ground Running

The award-winning fashion designer Farida Temraza is launching her limited sportswear fashion line under the title of ‘F squared’ or ‘F2’. Farida Temraza is known for her couture designs that blow our minds away EVERY TIME. Temraza won best female couture designer in New York Fashion week and first place at Paris Fashion Week 2015 and she’s making this year the year of women’s empowerment with her aim of launching 3 new lines!

F2 sportswear line represents two aspects, fierceness and femininity! F2 is all about being comfortable when moving. The design utilizes certain characteristics such as stretchability, flexibility, and resistance to water and sweat. To all the ladies out there, this is your new go-to!

We’re used to having this idea about sportswear that it has to be baggy and oversized just to feel comfortable. Temraza has changed all this with her limited sportswear line. Sportswear is one of those things that we now associate with breaking boundaries, and stereotypes and F2 is here to do just that. They’re here to free women’s voices and take the movement forward, catering to all women. According to Temraza, she has been working on the line for almost 5 years, with all the research and brainstorming going toward reaching the amazing results we see now.

A quick note to all the ladies and women out there, F2 isn’t just about sportswear. It is made in a way that you can rock any party while wearing it; it’s a fierce piece!

Farida Temraza is known for sophisticated and chic couture designs with a definition of couture that is all about originality, sophistication, quality, and uniqueness. She always aims to design something we have never seen before, explaining that couture is an approach, how she focuses on each detail and aims for the perfect fit.

The F2 collection is available for purchase online, and at their Zamalek headquarters; they will soon be available at multiple pop-ups.

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