Exclusive: This Eid, The Biggest Rap Event In The Arab World Is Taking Place At Cairo International Stadium

Rap has been growing in popularity among Egyptians, as more young people are becoming interested in this well-adapted music form that has resurfaced in Egypt after a long period of decline, and over the past couple of years, rap concerts have become the place to be.

So far we have had a handful of big rap concerts, but never a festival, that’s representative of the true power behind Egypt’s flourishing rap scene. This is about to change.

This Eid, on Friday, May 6, at Cairo International Stadium, five rappers and one DJ are teaming together to put on the season’s biggest event, Urban Festival!

The event will be hosted by Gatsby Events, Neon Festival, and Deals Brokerage Investment and will feature Abyusif, Abou El Anwar, Lege-Cy, Batistuta, Arsenik, and DJ Fat Sam. Can you feel the energy building in the air? The excitement?

Yes, you’re not hallucinating! This event will be held at Cairo International Stadium. This is the first time we see a rap event at the historic venue, which has a large open space where you will be able to see all your favorite performers blowing up the stage.

To learn more about this festival, we spoke with Omar Gawdat, Founder & CEO of Beatroot Records, who told us all the ins and outs behind putting on such a huge event.

Gawdat discussed how Egypt’s music sector is primarily focused on concerts, with festivals being rare. “This is precisely what distinguishes this festival; we don’t see something of this magnitude every day.” Not only that, but Gawdat voiced his excitement by predicting that ticket sales will exceed 25,000 attendee!

“It is absolutely a push for the rap community and a way to expand throughout the country,” Gawdat said when asked about Urban Festival. He went on to say that concert-goers could expect a spectacular neon show, with each artist having their unique neon hues. There will also be some guest acts, with the renowned Abyusif as the primary headliner.

But, as Gawdat pointed out, organizing something on such a large scale is never easy. He discussed how the festival’s organizers are now working to ensure a safe and happy environment for attendees, and that with such a large turn out, organizers have a huge responsibility.

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