Exclusive Sit Down With Mai Omar After Her Stunning Role This Ramadan!

One series that has been the talk of the town throughout Ramadan is Ahmed El Sakka’s Weld El Ghalaba! The series also features Mohamed Mamdouh, Injy El Mokaddem, and the very talented young actress, Mai Omar.

We got to sit down one on one with the actress to discuss her role and upcoming plans:

Mai Omar had her breakthrough in Mohamed Ramadan’s El Ostoora, and rose since then to become one of Egypt’s favorite young actresses! Her role in Weld El Ghalaba is very complex and dynamic. While watching her, you’ll get mixed feelings between loving and hating her, and definitely sympathizing with her.

Describe your role in Weld El Ghalaba in 3 words.

Strong, mix between good and evil, not able to make the right decisions.

How did your relationship with your character develop?

At first, we don’t receive the full script, only the treatment, and some written episodes. So when I thought she was just pure and kind I didn’t like her that much, because no one is. But when we progressed in the story and I found that she’s no where close to just plain good (or evil) I loved her and her complexity even more.

Which actor do you like acting with the most?

Tamer Hosny and Ahmed El Sakka.

Who was the most intimidating one?

That would definitely be the living legend, Adel Emam.

Who are you looking forward to act with?

Mahmoud Yassin.

What role was your brekathrough?

My role in El Ostoora was the turning point in my career so far.

What’s your favorite role so far?

My favorite role has become Farah from Weld El Ghalaba.

What role would you like to portray?

Fantine that was played by Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables. I would also love to do a historical role, maybe Cleopatra.

If you could star in a Netflix series, what would it be?

La Casa De Papel, and I would love to play the role of Tokyo!

Who’s your favorite Arab Designer?

I’d have to say it is Ellie Saab.

What are the three travel destinations that you’d travel alone, with your friends, and with your significant other?

Alone I’d travel to Spain, with my friends I’d go to Los Angeles, and with my husband I’d go to Bali or Italy!

If you’d live in a fantasy series/movie what would it be?

I would definitely live in the Vikings series! I love how the shield maidens are strong, independent, respected and fight alongside men in raids and wars.

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