Everything You Need to Know About the Dunkin’ Donuts Egypt Online Scandal

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Dunkin’ Donuts has just apologized to the Egyptian public for a post made by its Egyptian franchisee that caused a massive outrage and lead people to accuse the donuts giants of being racists.


The company sent an e-mail to Ahram Online stating, “As soon as we became aware of the social media post by our Egyptian franchisee, we asked for it to be removed. Our franchisee immediately complied. We apologize for the offense this post caused.”


Via Dunkin' Donuts Egypt.
Via Dunkin’ Donuts Egypt.


It all started when Dunkin’ Donuts Egypt posted a picture on Instagram of two donuts; one chocolate glazed with a caption saying “half of beauty,” and a sugar-coated one with the caption, “the whole beauty.” They also said in the caption, “Because we’re against racism, we will eat both donuts all the same.”


While this post has caused so much bashing, some argued in the Egyptian franchisee’s defense explaining that the caption was meant to criticize and defy these Egyptian proverbs, which was obviously unclear to the outspoken majority.



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