Esseily Rocks LA, Texas, DC & NY With US Tour

Egyptian singer Mahmoud El Esseily has been making his way across the United States for his US tour. Having an eclectic discography, Esseily first announced the tour at the end of last month that’s taking him to different states that range from DC, LA, Texas to NY.

The tour was put together by Kème Production, an independent production house based in New York that aims to bridge the gap between the Middle East and North America. Esseily is definitely not their first project as they just did a tour with comedian Bassem Youssef across the United States as well as Egyptian band, Cairokee and many more.

The singer kicked off his tour by performing for the first time in Washington DC, then yesterday May 14 in Los Angeles.

His next stop includes taking over Houston, Texas’ Warehouse stage on May 19; then wrapping up his tour with a bang in New York on May 21.

Esseily gave us an exclusive insight into how he’s feeling about touring the US, “the most amazing thing is the power of art and music in that it connects you to your origin across all areas of the Middle East while they’re away from their home country. And I get to perform to them while I and them are quite far from our homes, but we have something in common.”

The singer elaborated by saying, “we have a common ground. We have that solid thing that connects us all and that’s music. So art is a powerful tool for bringing people together as well as remembering where they came from and their origin. The place that we sing in makes the audience remember where they currently are. Especially with the tours that are done in the US or Europe. It gives you an ecstatic feeling that you’re doing something important.”

With the tour being already sold out, it’s turning out to be quite a successful venture to the United States where fans are ready to listen to hits. Esseily isn’t the only Arab star who has been touring the US as just this past week, actor and singer, Mohamed Ramadan wrapped up his own US tour.

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