Escape the Boiling Sun and Indulge in Those Activities Around the Middle East

With the rising temperatures of summer, there are a variety of activities you may perform outside to increase your adrenaline while enjoying the cool ocean breeze. Even if you aren’t a great admirer of the sea, activities like surfing and kayaking will allow you to reconnect with nature and have some summer fun.


Marsa Alam, a town in south-eastern Egypt, is located on the western shore of the Red Sea area and was once a basic modest fishing port. Now, it has grown into a thriving tourist destination for divers. There, you can expect to see dolphins while traveling by boat to diving sites and even get to play with them underwater. Interestingly, the Red Sea in Marsa Alam is home to a variety of aquatic animals that are unique to the town and well worth seeing. For example, pipefish crawl across the reef, and crocodile fish are easy to spot. While oceanic white-tips and hammerhead sharks can be found near Elphinstone, white-tips and bow-mouth sharks can also be found closer to shore. Expect to see clouds of anthias and swirls of fusiliers as well as tuna and mackerel hunting along the reef.


Flyboarding is an adventure sport that, like all sports, enhances human health. These amazing devices, which seem like something out of Iron Man but are solely propelled by water, are a must-try for every adrenaline junkie according to Ride In Dubai. It is one of the best places to flyboard because of Dubai’s breathtaking views of modern buildings with intricate architecture.


With Kayaking trips that will allow you to discover iconic spots in Rabat, Morocco from a fresh perspective, the majesty of Rabat, never stops. Browse the Bouregreg and see the Kasbah des Oudayas and Rabat’s seashore from your kayak. This is an opportunity to participate in an outdoor activity while learning about Rabat in a unique way. Swimming may be feasible depending on the weather conditions. Kayaking surfing, which may be done under the supervision of the instructors and lasts around two hours, is available for those looking for a bigger dose of adrenaline.

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Ayla Wake Park in Aqaba, Jordan is Jordan’s first cable wake park, and it’s an experience you should add to your bucket list. Cable wakeboarding is a water sport in which you are towed across the water by a pulley system while wearing a harness and wakeboard. It’s quick, intense, and adrenaline-pumping – all while being entirely secure. The park is located within the B12 beach club and is set up for non-motorized water sports, so the relaxed environment is only disrupted by laughter and enjoyment. There are other activities that you can indulge in from eating, swimming, or other activities after finishing wakeboarding.


While severe waves aren’t common on Doha’s beaches, that doesn’t mean you can’t ride one or two. This is because tourists at Aqua Park Qatar can ride the world’s first surfing half-pipe simulator ride. That isn’t the only park where you can go surfing; the Banana Island Resort in Doha has also surf pools where you can learn to ride the waves. So whether you’re a pro or a beginner, there’s always a spot in Doha where you can catch some waves.

So, even if the temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius on some days, you may still enjoy various water activities regardless of your skill level. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to see the region’s different gorgeous scenery as well as the aquatic life that awaits those seeking adventure and adrenaline along the way.

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