Equilibrium: Egyptian Writer Alyaa Sadek Takes Us on a Journey of Self-Healing and Growth

Self-help, growth, and spirituality, are topics that are usually neglected in our society. Not many people acknowledge the importance of addressing these subjects. Alyaa Sadek broke this norm. Sadek is a young Egyptian author who started her career by working at a few magazines, following which, she started a personal blog on Instagram, Thoughts by Alyaa.

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☀️🌓 Part of my journey is realizing that as humans, we are very smart and deep beings, we cover up our essence by distracting ourselves of our vulnerability and humanity.. and sometimes we drown in the depth of our incidents, dreams and desires.. but what defines us is how we get back up. Ask yourself, “how will I shape what I see and what I feel into something that’s worthwhile, something more encompassing?” When we have many good things going on for us, we sometimes have to pay the price for what we‘re blessed with, this is the balance of nature/ of life. God is Just, and when we have no doubt in that, we will be able to go through our struggles with grace and come out wiser and more compassionate towards humanity, as we realize that we are all travelers on our own paths to meet our destiny. You see, “life is too deep, and too grand to dismiss, or lose hope over a flaw in just one chapter in the story of your life.” – An excerpt from Equilibrium @equilibriumbyalyaa Thank you @mustafa_ramdan_art for helping bring this painting to life. 👩‍🎨🎨 • #writing #writingcommunity #writer #words #paint #word #love #loveyourself #poetry #poetrycommunity #poet #art #photography #poetsofinstagram #life #instadaily #instagood #motivation #inspiration #blogger #equilibrium #writersofig #writerslife #photooftheday #nature #mountains #smile #picoftheday #quotes #inspirationalquotes

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For her, writing began as a personal form of expression and later transformed into something she wanted to share with others. Consequently, in 2018, she wrote her first book/journal, Soul Quest. This self-exploration journal was the first of its kind in Egypt, with its interactive structure and multifunctional concept.

Growing up, she was always spiritual by nature. After graduating, she was in the process of self-exploration and trying to find her true passion and calling, and since she realized that our society lacks the motivation to read and give importance to self-help topics, Equilibrium was born, two years after her first book.

“Equilibrium emerged from my interest in finding more stability and balance in life and trying to break my confined thought process to reach a higher state of mind,” said Sadek.

“Equilibrium is about finding the balance that helps us become more clear and true to ourselves through compassion, acceptance, and, connecting with ourselves. It is divided into three chapters: mental, emotional, and spiritual. Each includes interactive activities and discussion topics for self-growth. I’m hoping that Equilibrium reaches a wide audience and I hope they could relate to my findings and find in Equilibrium some ways to help them take steps towards their healing and peace of mind,” she added.

Through her book, Sadek seeks to leave a strong impact on her readers, especially young adults, as she believes that they’re often too consumed with so much information and happenings, particularly nowadays.  

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