The Full Scoop Behind Ahmed El Saka and Tamer Hosny’s Drama!

There is no doubt that Ahmed El Saka and Tamer Hosny are two of the biggest superstars in the Arab World, Ahmed El Saka being the most popular and successful actor of his generation and Tamer Hosny being the undisputed superstar of both song and film. However, as many people know, the two mega-celebrities are friends and any drama between them would draw quite a bit of attention!

The two are on very good terms and both appeared as guest stars in each other’s latest projects. The whole drama started earlier this month when Ahmed El Saka pointed a finger of blame at Tamer Hosny in a TV Interview with Wafaa El Kilany, one of the most popular TV Talk Shows in Egypt. He mentioned that when he appeared as a guest star in Tamer Hosny’s ‘El Felos’, there were posters that said the movie features Ahmed El Saka in order to increase sales. Ahmed El Saka said that he called Tamer to ask him about it but he said that it must have been the production company. He also said in the interview that he forgives Tamer for what happened.

The story didn’t end here, as Tamer Hosny responded with two stories on his Instagram, writing a long statement in response to El Saka. He said that he’s disappointed that he didn’t talk to him privately about it instead of calling him out on television. He said that this poster was fan art and not by the production company as previously thought, and that he already explained this to El Saka when he asked him one year ago. Tamer also added that they talked again twice after this incident and that El Saka could have talked about it then if he still had an issue. He also reminded El Saka that he came to his call after half an hour when he requested that Hosny appears as a guest star in his series, which he never does for anyone.

Ahmed El Saka wrote on Facebook that he apologizes for the misunderstanding and that he only said that because he was immensely hurt by it. He also said that what they have in common is much more than work and that their friendship shouldn’t be compromised for anything. He ended the post saying that he can’t wait for Tamer’s next concert and that he’ll see him there.

WE SAID THIS: We’re glad that the whole situation is resolved.

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