Enactus Egypt Wins 1st Place For Women Sanitation Project

Remember last year when October 6 University (O6U) students won second place in the Championship of Enactus in entrepreneurship? We honestly believed that is the highest rank a non-profit Egyptian organization can reach. Today, Egyptian students show us the meaning of the term ‘The sky is your limit’.

Via Enactus

 Enactus is the world’s largest experimental learning platform that aims at creating a better world with the help of the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators.

This year, the four finalists at Enactus World Cup Championship were Egypt, Canada, USA and Germany. Egypt nailed first place for their project Rosie Water Race.

Rosie is a Women Sanitation Project that provides organic pads; which are, eco-friendly and affordable for women who can’t afford the ordinary pads due to its cost and for women who suffer from the cons of using pads that contains plastic so we are providing for both of them a sanitary service.

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Posted by Enactus Shorouk Academy on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The project by Cairo University students is a brilliant take on a womanhood issue that has long faced ladies with insufficient resources in rural areas. The young Egyptian generation is proving year after year that they have what it takes to conquer the world.

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