ELEUTHERIA Arabi; Paying Tribute to the Arab Region by Mixing Digital Art and Cultural Music

ELEUTHERIA Arabi is an Instagram account that mainly posts digital art and illustrations accompanied by audio of the songs with lyrics taken from them, usually classical and alternative Arabic songs, as a way to pay tribute to our region’s greats. The account’s founders and artists usually draw their artistic creations from this type of Arabic music, as they find Umm Kulthum, Fayruz, Abdel Halim Hafez, and other iconic figures (whether classical or alternative) to be very inspiring and that our generation deserves to relive and resonate with this era in a new way.

During a previous interview, Mostafa Olwan, co-founder of Eleutheria Arabi said, “Alternative Arabic music is a genre that summarizes the struggles of the Arab millennial,” adding that “The topics they discuss aren’t recycled, they’re not commercial topics. They sing about mental health and the search for identity, whereas with the classics, it’s more about honoring these musicians. We want people to remember the greats. These songs are symbolic of our heritage, our childhood, and our memories. And it’s a shared history for all Middle Easterners, no matter what part of the region you’re from.”

Scroll down for a glimpse of the gorgeous digital art they’ve created so far!

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