Egypt’s Tourism Ministry Grants Hotels Permission to Ban Burkinis

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Summertime in Egypt means one thing: a burkini vs. bikini battle. For the past few years, some Egyptians have been quite vocal about their dislike for the burkini, with some claiming that it negatively affects the pools’ hygiene. Many, however, claim that this is a simple case of discrimination.


The situation has escalated a few times over the past years, with some people even harassing burkini wearers whilst on vacation and sometimes even kicking them out of pools.


Time after time again, people explain that burkinis are made of the same material as any other bathing suit, but it seems that this information is going right over #TeamBikini’s heads. It always leads to a ‘show me proof that this is a burkini and not just black pants and a top’ fight.


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According to Egypt Independent, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism backed down on a a former decision that had forced hotels and resorts to allow burkinis in pools. Head of the Chamber of Red Sea Hotel Facilities, Ali Al-Halawany, stated that hotels have the right to decide whether burkinis are allowed or not, based on the season and type of tourists present.


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Halawany added that the decision was previously issued without enough study, and could thereby have a negative impact on tourism in general. The initial – and now cancelled- decision which forced hotels to accept burkinis came after multiple complaints from residents who weren’t allowed to swim.



WE SAID THIS: We can’t help but wonder how every veiled woman in the country will react.