Egypt’s Sphinx International Airport To Begin Operating November 1st

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Egypt’s Sphinx airport will welcome its first flight on Nov.1 after renovations increased its capacity to 1,100,000 passengers yearly. The weekly trips from Sharm El-Sheikh airport to Sphinx airport will be run by Air Cairo, one of the ministry’s linked businesses. Air Cairo is a low-cost national airline of Egypt that will provide 12 domestic flights per week between Sphinx and Sharm El-Sheikh airports. The company has a fleet of 10 aircraft and the ministry said more flights will be added gradually as Egypt’s Sphinx airport will soon begin receiving international flights.

Sada El Balad reported that six elevators and eight escalators were installed as part of the airport’s upgrades, along with a new power plant with a 7.5-megawatt capacity. Twenty new passport check counters and 26 check-in counters were also added to the airport as part of the modifications.

This comes in an effort to accommodate travelers who are visiting Egypt for its breathtaking touristic sites such as the Great Egyptian Museum, the Pyramids, and much more. Especially Sharm El Sheikh which has places like Ras Mohammed, which is surrounded by some of the world’s most incredible dive sites. It is also home to glorious beaches with excellent snorkeling just offshore and a saltwater lake.

That’s not just it; as Saint Catherine’s Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the world. It is home to the famous “burning bush” of the Old Testament, which many tourists specifically come to see. The museum of Saint Catherine’s Monastery, which displays a hand-picked selection of sparkling collections of sacred artifacts and antiquated manuscripts, is also one of the top attractions there.

There are also incredible dive sites in Sharm El Sheikh that are definitely worth checking out.

It is also crucial to know that airports play an important role in tourism as well as open the doors for more job opportunities. In Africa, an estimated 7.7 million people are employed as a result of the continuous arrival of overseas visitors, most of whom arrive by air. In 2018, these workers contributed $44 billion to the GDP of African economies, according to Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders.

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