Egypt’s Rapper Abyusif To Perform His First London Show This February

Egyptian rapper Abyusif announced on his Instagram account yesterday, Wednesday, January 10th, that he’ll appear in a live performance in London’s music event, The Garage, that’s set to take place on February 11th.

The rap icon, who’s one of the pioneering ones in Egypt with hundreds of tracks in his portfolio and over 14 years of experience in the scene, is scheduled to bring to London his bold lyrics loaded with metaphors referencing his personal life’s ups and downs.

The awaited performance is organized by ‘Marsm,’ a London-based event-producing company that supports Arab-speaking artists like Abyusif.

The artist, who has over 270,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, released a four-track EP in 2023 entitled Beyt El Ro3b, in which he collaborated with other Egyptian rappers like Abo El Anwar and Lil Baba, who are also taking over the Egyptian rap scene in the recent years.

The tickets to Abyusif’s live performance are available for purchase on The Garage website.

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