Egyptian Rapper Wegz Donates Part Of The Proceeds From Upcoming USA Tour To Palestine

Egyptian rapper Wegz is set to use his upcoming tour in the United States to raise awareness about the devastating situation in Palestine. In a bid to support Palestinians, a portion of the proceeds from the tour will go toward Palestine.

The artist’s USA tour is set to begin on October 25th until November 6th, in an Instagram post on Wegz’s production team ‘Keme Production’ they announced the donations from the tour will support Palestine.

“We have decided to use this tour and our voice to raise awareness around the ongoing suffering of our Palestinian brothers and sisters which they have endured for years.” the post reads.

Another artist who uses his platform and works to raise awareness of Palestine is British-Iraqi rapper Lowkey. Lowkey is also an activist who frequently attends pro-Palestinian protests and uses his social media to boost awareness of the Palestinian situation.

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