Egypt’s Giza Zoo Loses One Female Giraffe


Last Wednesday, a female giraffe at the Giza Zoo in Cairo choked to death.

Speculation abounds that the giraffe purposely committed suicide due to the mistreatment at the zoo, while the zoo’s official Facebook page claims that the giraffe accidentally wrapped a food wire around its neck, leading to her suffocation.

The Giza Zoo is known as the oldest and largest in Africa, but that doesn’t make it special in any way. It’s a well known fact that animal rights are virtually nonexistent here in Egypt, with horror stories of animal mistreatment at the Giza zoo rampant. With no tenderness, love or care, it’s not uncommon for animals to die from depression.

The giraffe was brought to the zoo in July 2012 with two others, marking the first time in five years that the zoo had any giraffes.




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