Egypt’s El Sisi Shutting Down 27,000 Mosques to Battle Terrorism


President Abdel Fatah el Sisi, has taken the decision to close more than 25,000 local Mosques in Egypt. The smaller places of worship known as “zawaya’s” have popped up as threats, in which religious gatherings take place that are usually attended by “extremists.”

On a world stage this is being seen as revolutionary steps, that the president is taking to improve Islam’s image on a global level. The decision to close these smaller venues is expected to force practicing Muslims out of hidden buildings and spots, into public spaces.

The closing of the “smaller” venues of worship, will take away the opportunity for fundamentalists to operate in the shadows. Though some believe this may cause extremists to react aggressively due to their places of worship being closed down; strangely enough some Salafist clerics approve the decision, due to the fact that these smaller mosques are used for “special celebratory prayers” which is deemed to be “Haram!”


We Said This: What do you think about the decision? Pro or against?