Egyptians Are Furious over Ehab Tawfik’s New Music Video, and We Totally Understand



Nineties pop star Ehab Tawfik released his new music video and Egyptian Facebookers couldn’t take it anymore as they expressed how angry they were over the ridiculous video, and to be honest, we kinda understand. Like begad, we were big fans of Tetraga Feya back in the day, but this video is just too much.


One of Egypt’s top Facebook kings, Ahmed Atif, posted this about the whole travesty…


In case you haven’t watched the music video yet, here’s how the five-minute fedi7a went…



The cringy start to the video where girls are pretending to like him



It starts off with three girls (an Egyptian, a Lebanese and a non-Arab) in their (supposed) twenties in a living room supposedly in a flat in Los Angeles, California with a middle-aged woman cooking in the background – we like to believe it’s the mother. The girls are watching TV and suddenly an ad comes up announcing that Ehab Tawfik will be having his concert thrown in LA



Ehab shows up with his blondaya girlfriend 




The video then shows that Ehab landed in LA and wanders around with a blond stunt who, we believe, is his girlfriend in the clip. While they’re wandering the city, the girlfriend stops Ehab to show him his concert posters glued to some sort of wall, Ehab takes off his sunglasses to see his posters better and is very impressed.



A couple of girls twerk on a roof for no apparent reason







An Ehab-Tawfikish Nostalgia! As if anyone still listens to him anymore!



Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.39.56 PM


I kind of liked that bit to be fair but I don’t think it was fit for the music video.




Ending the video with a concert that is a full house


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 2.42.58 PM


The director did not forget to add diversity into the clip, so he made sure a blond stunt as well as an Asian were clearly present.

If you suffer from a short temper, I personally advise you not to watch this video



WE SAID THAT: We still love you, Ehab!