Egyptians Are Hilariously Taking Yesterday’s Episode of Mosalsal El-Tofan Too Seriously

The only three letters that can describe last night are O.M.G. If you thought Ramadan is as good as it gets when it comes to heart-wrenching tv series, then 2017 has proved you wrong. For the past two months, viewers have been obsessing over two shows, Sabe3 Gar and El-Tofan.

While Sabe3 Gar has brought something completely new, fresh, and controversial to our tables; one has to say that El-Tofan has taken over our frame of mind. With an exceptional cast and performances, every actor on this show has taken it to another level, even when it seems like they’re over performing.

If you haven’t watched last night’s episode, beware of the SPOILERS. El-Tofan tells the story of six siblings who out-of-nowhere find themselves inheriting millions. Their relationship takes a toxic turn when they realize their mother’s integrity might cost them the money, along with their dreams. In last night’s episode, four of the siblings decided to take their mother’s life and the Internet lost it.

Read some of the hilarious reactions below and we honestly can’t blame them:

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