Egyptian Streets Are Coming Alive As Ramadan Edges The Corner

Everyone knows the saying, “Ramadan in Egypt is something else.” Well, there’s a reason why it’s popular. In Egypt, Ramadan just hits differently, with the streets literally coming alive at night as everyone gathers for suhoor.

This year is no different, and with Ramadan being just around the corner, we’re already beginning to see those early traces of the festive month. Here are all the things that make us feel that Ramadan is truly just around the corner:

Masses of ‘Fawanees’ Taking Over Markets

There’s no such thing as Ramadan without the most symbolic aspect of the holiday, the lanterns known as ‘fawanees.’ Throughout the days leading up to the holy month, all across alleyways and streets, you’ll find multi-colored tented markets where thousands of lanterns hang across stretched-out wooden beams.

Many have already bought their own fanoos, hanging it above the dining table or placing it by the doorway to let everyone know that ‘Ramadan is just around the corner.’

Via Aawsat

Moms Pre-Prepping Ramadan Meals

Is your mom spending a lot of time in the kitchen these days? Do you end up seeing trays upon trays of samboosak, kobeba, and atayif? These delicious Ramadan staples are essential, and that’s why it’s the custom of many moms to prep them early and stack them in the freezer. So when Ramadan arrives, you just fry’em up and you’re ready.

Decorations Lining The Streets

Across certain districts in Cairo, especially Old Cairo, the streets are lined with criss-crossing vivid paper ornaments, twinkling light bulbs, and hanging Ramadan lanterns. Walking across the streets, you’ll immediately feel as though you’re transported to the holy month itself.

Via Aawsat

Families Flocking To Food Markets

Markets aren’t just going to be crowded with hanging lanterns; below their looming shadows are heaps of dried fruits, nuts, and herbs, all-time best sellers during the holy month. Knowing that prices are at an all-time high, many of these markets are attempting to sell at discounted prices.

Ramadan Packing Areas

One of the most rewarding experiences in the holy month is heading to one of the many Ramadan packing spots and preparing free meals to be distributed to families in need across the country. Many such packing spots have already begun preparations for the festive month.

When hitting up the streets, did any of these pre-Ramadan vibes catch your eye? We have a feeling that you and your family have already dove into preparations as we all await the highly anticipated holy month.

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