In A Tough Economy: Egyptian Government Offers Various Aid Methods Ahead Of Ramadan

Coming up is one of the holiest months of the year, Ramadan. Knowing how prices are at an all-time high across Egypt, the country is preparing for the holy month ahead of time in anticipation of making sure food is both available and affordable for the entire population. The moment January arrived, Egypt launched the 3-month ‘Ahlan Ramadan’ fairs.

They usually take place 2 weeks before Ramadan, but this year, they kicked off 3 months before the holy month to make sure the population is stocked with discounted food before prices peak even more.

Each governorate has at least 5 outlets for the Ahlan Ramadan fair that are made up of commercial chains and pavilions. Along with the food fair, the government is offering coupons to vulnerable families in Egypt, which can be used to buy essential food from consumer complexes.

There will also be mobile vehicles that’ll be stationed in squares and places where consumer outlets aren’t available and will be selling food items and fresh and frozen meat products for citizens. It’s yet another way to supply food before the holy month.

Beyond the fair, the Egyptian government is working on securing discount deals with major food producers and global suppliers to buy bulk orders in anticipation of the holy month.

Among the food items that they’re getting with discounts is yameesh, which is a collection of nuts that are imported from Syria and other Levant countries and are used in many Iftar dishes across Egypt.

According to the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, “We are intensifying efforts to search for local and global companies to provide large quantities of various food items, especially Ramadan yameesh, at reduced prices in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan.”

All these efforts will help to ensure that Egyptian citizens and families are ready for the upcoming holy month.

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