Egyptian Restaurant Owner Gives Out Free Meals to the Homeless in Canada!

Via the telegram

The trend of giving out free food whether in restaurants or public fridges has taken the Arab world by storm. But apparently, Arabs didn’t stop at just this region, as an Egyptian man just exported the trend to Canada!

Co-owner of Big Bite Pita, Emad El Awwad, hung a paper on his restaurant in Churchill Square in St. John’s, Canada that reads “Free meal for the homeless everyday from 3PM-4PM!

Emad runs his restaurant with his partner Sameh Ibrahim, an engineer who currently works in Dubai.

Via the telegram

It all started when a man showed up at his restaurant one day with some change and not enough money for a meal. So he gave him the meal and discussed with his partner what happened. They then, decided to take the heart-moving initiative to feed anyone who can’t afford the meal, one hour per day.

WE SAID THIS: He’s definitely setting a great example for Arabs abroad!