Egyptian Professor Body-Shames Student During Oral Exam and She Has the Best Reaction

On days like today, I find myself grateful for social media and the possibility of outing vicious human beings to the world.

It seems that no matter how many times we write about being bullied at school, work, or even in a relationship and how it might cause depression, some people are just not getting the memo. Just when we thought anyone with half an education or morals would understand that fat-shaming others is malicious, we come across this post.

A Pharmacy student in Mansoura University is the latest viral inspiring story. Sarah Hossam shared a status on Facebook about being fat-shamed by her bio-pharmaceutics professor during an oral exam.

Hossaam was described by her examiner in front of other students as too huge for the chair and that she needed a couch to fit her size. He went on telling her that she needs to lose weight as she is a girl.

Her reaction is priceless. She outed him on social media and went insanely viral. Gracious enough to not mention his name, Sarah shared a message of self-love and acceptance. Thousands of responds to her post are expressing their respect and support for the soon-to-be doctor and she definitely deserves all the love.

WE SAID THIS: Stand up for yourself, ladies.

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