Egyptian Man Throws Wife From Fifth Floor After She Tests Positive for COVID-19

Via Arab News

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, our lives have changed dramatically. But even though the new normal has its pros and cons, the bad sometimes outweighs the good. Multiple sources state that an Egyptian man threw his wife from the fifth floor after she got infected with the virus.

The 25-year-old woman survived the fall and their neighbors took her to the hospital where she had to undergo surgery for her spinal injuries. The husband was detained for investigation.

According to Arab News, the husband said that he and his wife argued a lot and wanted to separate, and tensions escalated after she got infected with the virus. He said that she took three tests and all confirmed that she was infected, and he was “afraid to get infected so he asked her to leave, and when she refused, he pushed her.” Public prosecution is now waiting for the wife to recover and leave quarantine so she can give a sworn statement.

Via Echonetdaily

The problem of domestic violence has increased immensely since the start of the lockdown across the world. People need to become more kind and empathetic during these times of crisis instead of hurting their own!

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