#ItsWorthATri: People Are Participating in The TriFactory’s Stay Safe Series and So Should You

Via Runner's World

The TriFactory has been organizing virtual running challenges as part of their signature campaign, #ItsWorthATri, since 2015! But with social distancing taking place now because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the campaign took things to the next level with the “Stay Safe Series”.

The Stay Safe Series – Summer Edition started on the 20th of June and will take place until the 4th of July, so you definitely still have time to participate! The series is an excellent way to stay fit and motivated, by taking part in a virtual sports challenge alongside your friends and loved ones.

After finishing the challenge, you get a race medal and commemorative race bag delivered to your doorstep, so you can remember your achievement and post about it on social media to encourage others to participate. If you’re interested in taking on the challenge, you can register by clicking here!

You can be a part of the Stay Safe Marathon (50k or 100k of running and walking), the Stay Safe Cycling Challenge (100k or 200k of cycling), or the Stay Safe Endurance Challenge (150k or 250k of a combination of running/walking and cycling).

WE SAID THIS: You can always stay safe without compromising staying fit!