Egyptian Girl Shocked by Price of Airline Ticket to Zanzibar Is All of Us

مالك يا مصر فيه إيه؟

Posted by Rana Darwish on Sunday, January 15, 2017


Who is this girl and why is she not my best friend? Okay fine, let’s delve into that question some other day, but right now, we need to talk about the pink elephant in Egypt: we’re all broke. I do not know a single citizen who is not financially suffering. There is not, and I repeat, there is not a single logical or reasonable price tag attached to anything in the city, and Rana Darwish refuses to remain silent.


Our hero of the day, Darwish, decided that booking an EgyptAir flight to Zanzibar was a good idea amidst our financial woes. To her surprise, the ticket price was absolutely outrageous, her reaction on the other hand was something else. You just need to see it. I truly believe she is the female version of Marwan Younis.



WE SAID THIS: Not all heroes wear capes.