Egyptian Designer Mohanad Kojak Helps Manifest Syrian Talents

An exciting one of a kind collaboration took place between the talented Egyptian Designer Mohanad Kojak and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) that aimed to train talented Syrian ladies, most of whom are refugees residing in Cairo and hel them reach their unfulfilled dreams due to the horrific events they were forced to go through.


Kojak, a young Egyptian designer, still in his early 20s, dresses Arab stars and celebs for their red carpet appearances. The exposure he has garnered has done wonders! By taking part in this workshop, he proved not only is he a talented visionary but accepting and understanding of other peoples plights.

The workshop was an absolute inspiration, it widened these young ladies’ vision, making them focus on details and producing more creative results.

In spite of the fact that the workshop lasted only one month, it gave Kojak and other talented Egyptian designers an opportunity to teach these ladies the skills they need in the real world. Thus, giving these ladies a chance to take a step closer to reach their dreams, that once they thought was almost impossible to reach due to the horrific events they had to go through the last decade.

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IOM’s office in Egypt since it was first established, has been supporting the government’s responses at a national level and facilitating dialogue between major countries and most importantly it has been establishing relations with ministries related to migration to help improve the lives of refugees and migrants.

A safer and better future is definitely assured for all Syrians in Egypt, as doors are wide open for them. Several NGOs and international organizations, as well as civil societies, are making sure to integrate refugees more into society. This should help them play a more effective role in it and help them in their start-ups.

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