Egyptian Dad Jokes: The Facebook Group That’s Blowing Up For All The Right Reasons!

In an age where memes and comics are everywhere, a Facebook group decided to go back to the original format of the joke, keeping simple and short. Egyptian Dad Jokes is all over our timelines, with some of the jokes receiving tens of thousands of shares and comments. The group has its own rules, and although some of the jokes are NSFW, they have their regulations. Here are some of our favorite jokes on the group!

It reads: Two hardworking students memorized the book while getting married.
It reads: What’s Your Name?
“We” takes are, not am.
It reads: Do you know why Elite Series is not family-oriented? Because it’s full of “Elite adab” (naughtiness).
It reads: A guy named Adham, became older than them, two years later.
Zombie 1: Yo, your dad doesn’t look anything like you.
Zombie 2: He’s not my dad, he’s my stepdad.

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