Egyptian Artificial Intelligence Startup, Kngine, Chosen By Samsung For Virtual Assistance

Egyptians seem to be dominating every field in 2018. Brothers, Haytham and Ashraf ElFadeel, co-created an engine, Kngine, that understands the questions, breaks them down into sub-questions and dependencies, and forms a solution plan.

According to the founders, Kngine is an intelligent engine that understands, answers questions and performs actions. Kngine can be used to automate customer service, power voice interfaces, and drive enterprise search, and that’s not all, Samsung has just acquired it to improve its virtual assistant, Bixby.

As mentioned on Kngine’s official website “Kngine crawls the world wide web, enterprise documents, books, FAQs and even customer service logs to build biologically plausible knowledge representations by combining state of the art Deep Learning and Knowledge-based AI methodology”

The acquisition was made by Samsung Research America last year but has been announced yesterday, even though Kngine is still in its beta phase.

WE SAID THIS: We’re proud of these Egyptian geniuses!