7-Year-Old Egyptian Youtuber Starts The Sweetest Anti-Bullying Campaign

In a world full of bullies, it is always the victims who have the last laugh. It’s 2018 and guess what? Bullying at school, work, or online isn’t funny or tolerated anymore. Right now, the world is incredibly aware of the abusive aggressive behavior and its effect on the bullied. Countless social media influencers, actors, and even schools are starting anti-bullying awareness campaigns. Yet, this little girl is our hero today and it’s just in time for #Women’sHistoryMonth.

Via Jana Wael

A 7-year-old Egyptian girl, Jana Wael, decided to become a Youtuber for a great cause. Jana explains in her videos that she wants everyone to realize that we might be different, yet at the end, we’re basically all the same. Jana writes short stories where she is the protagonist and her best friend gets bullied for looking different. The Youtuber takes us on their adventure and how she makes it easier for her friend. This girl needs to get famous NOW.

The videos are obviously created with the help of her family, which honestly is amazing parenting. These are the kind of Youtube videos our kids should be watching. Pranks and makeup tutorials are fun, but this is inspirational!

Watch Jana’s short stories below:

WE SAID THIS: You can watch more of Jana Wael’s content on Facebook or Youtube.

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