Egyptian Armed Forces Launches an Extensive Operation to Wipeout Militants in Sinai

One month before the Egyptian presidential elections, the Egyptian Armed Forces launched a new operation under the name Comprehensive Operation Sinai 2018. The operation, run under President Abdel-fattah El-Sisi, is taking place to defy terrorism and end the presence of extremist groups in the Sinai Peninsula since 2013.

The operation that was launched on Friday 9th of February doesn’t just cover North and Central Sinai, but also extends to parts of the Nile Delta and the western desert. The Egyptian Air Force managed to destroy 66 targets, arms depots and SUVs and motor-bikes used by militants. Additionally, 16 militants were killed during the raids. A jihadi media center was also found, along with six farms where banned narcotics were grown.

Ever since the attack on Al-Rawda Mosque last November, where more than 300 civilians were killed, defeating militants in the region has been a target. President Abdel-fattah El-Sisi has vowed to do so in a period of three months.

El-Sisi has tweeted on Friday that he’s proudly following the heroic acts of the military and police to purge the precious land of Egypt from terrorism for good.

WE SAID THIS: May God protect Egypt and keep it safe!