Egypt Will Host its Very First Electric Vehicle Rally This September!

By Nada Abdelkader

As children, we’ve always had fantasies about how the future would look like and it always had, among other technological advances, flying cars. As we got older, our hopes for flying cars widely diminished and instead, we hoped for cars that were more efficient and eco-friendly or at least cars that didn’t add to the environment’s existing damage, and the wait is finally over.

The Electric Vehicle Rally, or (E.V.E.R) for short, is owned by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) and organized by the Innovation Hub (iHub) of the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University and has been marked to begin operating in September of this year.

via Egyptian Streets

This rally will not be the usual type of car-based event where the only aim is to increase the adrenaline rush of the event goers; its aim is to introduce the concept of homegrown electric vehicles or EVs and increasing public awareness of green, efficient vehicles along with the local human resource capability.

The rally’s main objective is to develop the collective manpower of Egyptian engineers who are capable of fully producing and designing their own local electric vehicles since EVs are becoming a popular topic for research projects. The manufacturing of the competing electric vehicles by the end of this month while the rally is to take place this September.

WE SAID THIS: Hopefully, this will be a step towards a more environment-friendly road. 

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