The Arab World Will Finally Be Able to Enjoy These Hit Movie Sequels

By Lojain El Shawaf

There isn’t an Egyptian household that hasn’t watched ”Harim Karim” or ”Awaat Faragh” at least once during their lifetime. These hit movie sequels were announced to be screened in the near future, and we, along with the real Egyptian movie lovers are super excited.

Mostafa Amar, Harim Karim’s star announced that he already began shooting for ”Harim Karim 2” after 14 years of the release of part one. He also mentioned that his son Tiam Amar will be playing a role in the upcoming movie. Mostafa Amar didn’t say exactly who will be starring alongside him, but we hope we’ll be seeing the beautiful ladies of the original cast.

We had an exclusive interview with Amr Abed the star of ”Awaat Faragh” where we asked if a sequel to the hit movie will be released, and fortunately for us, he said yes. The cast have already signed and will begin shooting soon. We sure will be waiting for the trio; Ahmed Hatem, Karim Kassem and Amr Abed to release another masterpiece.

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