Egypt to Transfer 50,000 Employees to New Administrative Capital by 2020

Bid you farewells to being cramped in queues and traffic to get paperwork done. The Ministry of Planning just announced that 50,000 state employees will be relocated to Cairo’s New Administrative Capital next year. Those selected for the transfer are currently undergoing training and testing and must fulfill certain criteria. Those include proficiency in Arabic, a foreign language, and computer skills to ensure a higher quality input.

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The city has risen from dust in less than three years and the government’s plan to reduce pressure on the over-populated Cairo seems to be right on course. The New Administrative Capital is already hosting historic events such as the dual opening ceremony of the largest Church in the Middle East, ‘The Cathedral of the Birth of Christ’, as well as ‘Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque’, one of the largest mosques in Egypt and the world.

The Planning Minister’s Spokesman, Ramy Galal, confirmed that those who commute to work in Cairo from other governorates will not be relocated; while some of them have already been sent to their local governorates. The transfer will take place after means of transportations to the city are available.

It seems that fewer visits will be made to administrative and government offices across the city as many services have turned digital as vehicle liscencing and health insurance.

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According to the government, 70% of the land in the first phase of the newly constructed city has already been sold. Located only 45km east of Cairo, the New Capital will include 20 residential neighborhoods that can accommodate 6.5 million people, a government housing district, as well as 29 ministries.

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