Egypt to Have Another Version of the Giza’s Sphinx in The Province of Luxor

To every tourist and every history fanatic who didn’t get the chance to see the Sphinx, we’ve got happy news for you. The Ministry of Antiquities announced that a new statue of the Sphinx has been discovered in Luxor on Sunday the 6th of August. The discovery happened during the development of the Kabbash road project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.


The General Director of Luxor Antiquities, Mohamed Abdel Aziz declared that “The statue, which is a human body and the head of a lion, is being removed because it can not be extracted immediately when it is discovered, due to the nature of the environment in which it was located.” 

While this sounds so thrilling, Dr. Bassam al-Shamma, a researcher in Egyptology explained that the discovery of the Sphinx in Luxor was expected, explaining that there is a statue of the Sphinx in the form of a lion and a head of Kalbish for King Aymanhotb III and Thutmose IV. Also, there are still many undiscovered statues of the Sphinx, and it will be difficult to discover because of the large number of buildings in this area.  

For the time being, the Minister of Antiquities, Khalid Al-Anani invited visitors to see the statue, as this road has just become archaeological and touristic at the same time.

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