Egypt to Restore Flights to Russia Really Soon?

Via Airlines Inform

Moscow suspended flights to and from Egypt after an Airbus A321 plane en route from Sharm El-Sheikh to St. Petersburg crashed on the Sinai Peninsula as a result of an explosion on board on October 31, 2015.


The incident was subsequently qualified by Russia as a terrorist act, killed all 224 people aboard and Daesh claimed the responsibility for the attack.


Via Airlines Inform


Russia suggested a joint Egypt-Russia aviation security protocol to increase security measures. Following that, Egypt upgraded its security after the incident, to comply with Russian demands and resume air traffic. However, the flights have not resumed yet.


According to Sputniknews, the new round of talks on the air traffic issue is “aimed at setting the dates for flights’ resumption will take place in the coming days.”


Via nilenetonline


This comes after Russian Transport Minister, Maxim Sokolov, said on that there were prerequisites to resume flights as early as this year, and the question was being considered at the highest level.



WE SAID THIS: The matter is highly critical, not only for tourism but because Egypt is most probably going to qualify for World Cup 2018 in Russia, and thousands of Egyptians are expected to travel to root for their national team. 

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