Egypt INT’L Art Fair is Set to Gather Middle Eastern Galleries in Cairo This February

Egypt’s international Art Fair is back for its third year. After two years of pushing through the pandemic, the contemporary art fair is here with a bang. This year is going to include more galleries, artists, culture, and talks than last year. A hub for artists and creators from all around the Middle East, Egypt’s international Fair art is the first fully curated art fair in the country. It will start on Feb. 4 and will last for four days until Feb. 8!

The event will be held in Cairo’s Dusit Thani Hotel in New Cairo. It has a rich program of galleries, artists, panel discussions, workshops, and talks. There will be gallery zones, booths of different art scenes, and displays of contemporary arts from Egyptian and international artists. Additionally, a single noteworthy artist will be celebrated in the Retrospective section, to be announced soon.

Art and galleries

There’s a long list of trustees and partners working together to make this event come to life. Partners include Hany Saad Innovations, Samsung, and valU. Moreover, the galleries participating are from all over the Middle East. There’s Geroge Kamel Gallery from Syria, Al Mashrabia, Zamalek Art Gallery, and Gallery Misr from Egypt, Art of 56th and Saleh Barakat Gallery from Lebanon, Hafez Gallery from Saudi Arabia, Jodar Artistry and Wadi Finan Gallery from Jordan, and Fann A Porter from UAE.

The art fair will represent multiple forms of art, such as painting, sculpture, installation art, and visual arts. It’s a mix of modern, contemporary art with adaptations, reconstruction, realism, and way way more.

Artists from all around the world

When it comes to artists participating, there’s a long list with every country in the Middle East. For the official announcements, you can check the official Instagram page of the Egypt INT’L Art fair. However, here are 10 prominent artists that are participating in the event:

  1. Mostafa Rahma: He’s an Egyptian, self-taught artist. Rahma has many awards in his name from Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Al-Sharjah, and Saudi Arabia. His works are exhibited in Egypt and in the Arab World Institue in France as well.
  2. Mohannad Orabi: A Syrian artist based in Dubai and Canada. His works are displayed in Dubai, Kuwait, Beirut, London, Jeddah, and more. Moreover, Orabi got his first prize at the age of 28 and it was in the Syrian National Young Artists Exhibition.
  3. Majd Kurdieh: Syrian artist based in Lebanon, Kurdieh mixes storytelling and literary techniques into his paintings. This makes his art unique as viewers get to have their own interpretation of his art.
  4. Ibrahim AlHassoun: He’s a Syrian artist based in Turkey. With a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, Al-Hassoun has had many solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions internationally such as in Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and more.
  5. Britt Boutros Ghali: Norwegian artist based in Egypt, painter and a scultor as well; her work blends her European origins as well as the Egyptian culture. Moreover, Ghali’s work has been to Egypt and all around the world.
  6. Bahaa Aamer: He’s an Egyptian artist with a master’s degree in restoration painting. Aamer has his own gallery and he is an instructor of conservation works; his work usually explores humans in society.
  7. Ashraf Rasslan:the Egyptian artist is a painter, sculptor, photographer, and graphic designer. Furthermore, his works have traveled around the Middle East and the world. Rasslan has had exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, France, Cuba, and more!
  8. Ali Said: he’s an Egyptian artist who’s had five solo exhibitions, locally as well as internationally. Said’s work has been exhibited in Italy before. Furthermore, his work gets sold to people all around the world.
  9. Khaldoun Hijazin: A Jordanian visual artist who’s specialized in drawing and painting. Hijazin has a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Boston. His works have been in many art exhibitions around the world, such as Rome and Boston. His work focuses on notions such as authority and nobility.
  10. Omar Najjar: He’s a Jordanian artist. Najjar specializes in oil painting. His works have been exhibited locally and internationally in Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, UAe, Egypt, the USA and Germany.

Attendees can sign up through an online form, just to receive an invitation to the event. For the third edition, what’s in store for us?

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